Become a Referee

If you’re thinking of becoming an official NSFA referee, please see the Northern Suburbs Football Referees for details on requirements, course schedule, and duration. And please let us know!

All costs for the course will be met by the club.

Linesman Duties

Want to know more about being a Linesman?

Role of Referee Liaison Officers (RLO)

The role of the Referee Liaison Officer is to facilitate communication between a club and the KDFRA and to help ensure that clubs meet the requirement of the association to nominate qualified officials according to the association regulations.

The role would be most suitable for a current or former KDFRA member.

Within the club

The RLO should act as the principal point of contact within a club between coaches, managers, players, and the club-affiliated referees. The RLO should be able to resolve any query or issue relating to refereeing within the club, including:

  • Work with teams within a club to ensure the correct number of referee nominations are made according to the association regulations;
  • Following up on returning KDFRA referees within the club to make sure they fully complete the KDFRA registration procedures each season;
  • Generally encourage club members and their associates to become practising referees;
  • Advise referees and prospective referees on KDFRA courses and accreditation requirements;
  • Encourage club referees to make themselves available as required to officiate at matches;
  • Follow up with club referees and teams should qualified club referees not make themselves available and be appointed to fixtures.

Liaising with the KDFRA

The RLO is the principal person for the communication between the club and KDFRA on referee issues concerning the club, including:

  • Follow up with those who have been nominated by the club to attend KDFRA courses to become new referees and help ensure they have completed the course and fully completed the KDFRA registration procedures
  • Ensure that club referees have associated themselves with the correct team on the KDFRA website (account details tab);
  • Communicating with the KDFRA Appointments Officer to help coordinate the appointment of club referees as necessary;
  • Answer queries on KDFRA or forward such questions as appropriate to the relevant qualified person (eg. KDFRA secretary);
  • Manage feedback on the performance of referees (both good and bad) from a club official and pass it on to the correct person (eg. KDFRA Branch coach or Juniors’ coach) as appropriate.